Bmtron is a clone of the impressive and famous light cycle scene from the famous film Tron. In the movie tron the main characters battle it out on light cycles that leave a beam of light behind them. If an opponent gets stuck in the beam of light they are eliminated. The concept remains very much the same in the flash game. The flash game allows for one to four players and though the game is accessed via a browser there is no built in online multiplayer. The lack of online multiplayer does not hold the game back from actually being fun however as the game allows for a highly competitive experience against A.I. in the form of team based competitions. Bmtron allows for up to four local players to also take part in its game. It’s name has been changed to avoid copyright infringement in order to take advantage of the Tron idea and bring it to life in a full fledged game.

Start Playing BMTron Game - Chase & Trap Your Opponents

Tips and Tactics

 Bmtron much like the film tron is a game in which players must use speed and strategy to beat out their opponents. The game allows for two players to play at once using multiple control schemes, thus outsmarting an opponent is key in winning. Strategies should be employed that allow a player more space to freely move around the game zone. The objective would definitely be to square off an opponent and box a player into a corner where they do not have room to travel with their light cycle. Since players create lines with their in game sprites, it is important to navigate in such a way that still provides some form of an exit in case a player is to become boxed in.


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